Pass on the dark side with the manicure

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Whether you like your nails short and sweet, square, almond or oval, there is a reason why manicures are up there as one of the most popular beauty treatments for women today. Something interesting is always hiding in the dark. Pass on the dark side with the manicure. Rejoice with the pastel and neon nuances that enlighten us in the warm sunny days and fall into the charm of the dark nuances that associate luxury and mystery. Let’s support the return of the black manicure. Try a little mystery.  Give a chance of a futuristic metallic glare and do not ignore the power of the “naked” nails. Do not forget the classic red manicure, and do not skip the lacquers with luminescent or matte finish. Ready! Set! Let’ go! Here are some of our top picks of manicures, #ElleZiba chooses:

Affectionate turquoise

In the near future, expect the turquoise manicure magically to break through with the harmonious and reassuring blend of blue and green. The temperature drops actualize the mysterious shades of turquoise and give you a glamorous look.

Dramatic in purple

Choose the darkest purple nuances for the exciting dramatic look of your hands. Dark violet manicure is sophisticated, and it reminds us of the luxury of precious stones.

Impressively black

The black manicure had not had so many fans for a long time. The return of punk and grunge to the fashion scene boosted the attractiveness of black fingernails. Funky, right? It is recommended to add a “spice” to the black manicure in the form of a drawn line or tape in another color, an attached metal accent or a flashing element. Do not miss to experiment with a black finish with a matte finish.

In harmony with the color of the skin

The manicure, who copied the color of the skin, believed or not, was most present on the catwalks, and often dominated the red carpet. “Beige” nail stain emphasizes the tenderness of the female hands. Pure chemistry.

Wine magic

Hello Bordeaux, like a vibrant red wine, bites the view. The lacquer that imitates the color of the France should be at your fingertips, because with it in a few minutes you can achieve a more refined and semi-luxurious look.

Futuristic metallic

Get involved in the “metallic” mania, which this season has touched eyeshadow, but also manicures. Futuristic silver manicure gets more and more popular. And we know best, that we want to stay trendy.

Hypnotizing Color Colors

The lacquers in which several colors are poured the same way as spilled fuel on the surface of the water for the first time get a place among the strongest trends.

Lighting in the role of jewelry

Turn your nails into “jewelry for hands” with varnishes. Do not be afraid to overdo it with glow. You can never go too much with glow. However, if you are not fans of too glossy manicures, our  experts advise to polish the nails with a colorless or beige varnish, and then with a glossy varnish to cover only the tips of the nails. Fancy!

Whether you’re switching to a fresh pop of color with a polish change or dreaming of a deluxe treatment or dark manicure, nail care is the real reflection of how much time you are committing for yourself and your beautification. Stay alert for the new fashion trend.

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