Natural ways to get the effect of perfectly straightened hair

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However, keep in mind that the hair dryer as well as the iron additionally destroys the structure of the hair, and some of those chemical processes that promise perfectly straight hair overnight are quite harmful and suspicious for health.

There are several great natural ways to get the effect of perfectly smooth hair that you can try out today:

Have the three basic tools to get started: 

  • You already assume – a quality shampoo and regenerator or mask for those with thicker hair.

It is best to have the keratin in its composition because it “fills” the hair, makes the hair firmer, healthier and smoother, gives it volume and, because of the weight it adds to its hair, “pulls” it down, which contributes to its upright posture. Make sure the hair products contain ingredients that prevent it from filling and spraying. After washing the hair, wrap it, but not too firmly in a towel that absorbs moisture well. You can try a bamboo towel because it also has antibacterial properties. Do not wash your hair too much with the towel or scratch it and drag it excessively. This will cause breaks and bending of the hairs. It’s enough to just gently drain excess water from it.

  • Select a suitable comb

Have you been in a hurry to reach out on a hairdressing brush or a comb with too small teeth and try combing your hair? Do not repeat this error. Choose a special comb for gentle dehumidification of hair or a wooden brush with wide teeth. Comb your hair every 5 minutes

Of course, this should not last for half a day. You can easily straighten your hair with natural grooming. After you have thoroughly combed it after washing, allow it to dry naturally, but repeat the process of grooming every 5 minutes, dividing the hair into separate parts.

Repeat this 2-3 times, because in this way your hair will remember the shape you give. If you need to use the dryer, place it on cooler air, or lower temperature.

  • Try the secret of Latin American women

In Latin America, the secret of straightening the hair is called “Together.” In order to tame the restless hair, once it is washed, women dry their hair with a hair dryer in cool air, but never drying it completely. Then, wrap it carefully around the head, fastening it with thin straps. After sleeping, wake up with perfectly flat and shiny hair.

  • Use hair straightening products

Apply a cream or serum to straighten the hair on clean and wet hair and well rub it. The ingredients in these products will contribute to easier straightening of the hair. These products also protect the hair from ultraviolet rays and excessive heat. The only disadvantage of these products is that they are chemically incompatible with hair scrubs, and in some way “block” the penetration of the color into the hair, so the effect of the painting can be unsatisfactory. As for hair sprays, it can be applied to both wet and dry hair. However, the downside is that most of them contain silicone and various additives that accumulate in the hair and destroy it. Silicone forms a seemingly protective film on the outer part of the hair, but in no way feeds it from within.

  • Cana for upright hair

This is another great natural way for easier hair straightening. The rope is natural, it thickens the hair, and the final result of its use is that it makes it more difficult and does not allow it to twist easily. The rope at the same time prevents the process of cracking the hair and will free you from dandruff.

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