Ideal make-up beautification

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Women nowadays invest a lot of time in everyday rituals of beautification. In such a busy world where there is lack of time we try to save it as much as we can, while we are doing our make-up.  We, #ElleZiba suggest a few practical tips and tricks from our experience and experts who have studied their profession to the fullest and who do not refrain from sharing a professional secret.

Here we go:

  • If you do not want lipstick on your teeth, coat them with Vaseline.

Yes, that is the recipe. Brush up the front teeth of the upper jaw with Vaseline to prevent the part of the lipstick from reaching them. This is an old Hollywood trick of the 1940s, which is used to this day. Get a little fancy today in Hollywood style.

  • When you are tired and have red eyes, use eye drops.

Drops will eliminate redness of the eyes and make your eyes look fresher.  There is nothing more beautiful and more compassionate than “clean” eyes. Who knows who is hiding for that charming look around the corner!

  • The blue shadows are not blue eyes.

The holy truth of make-up rules, no one tells you about. If you are lucky enough to have blue eyes, do not use blue shadows, because they will destroy the natural eye color. Enjoy in the purifying blue color your eyes deliver.

  • For longer and denser eyelashes, apply powder before eye shadowing.

It is a thing in this industry, especially on the fashion run ways. With a large powder mop, apply dust powder on the eyelids before you start to make up. Not only will you create an ideal base for shadows to be fixed for as long as possible, but also make the eyelashes more generous. Using such powder will grip the eyelashes, along with the mascara. Also it will form a paste that will increase volume and will visually lengthen the eyelashes.

  • Soften your skin before plucking your eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows, we know! Terrible time consumer. Moisten a little cotton with warm water and place it on the skin under the eyebrows. The heat will help the pores to open, so the plunge will be many times more painless and easier.

  • Restore the use of the shaved eye shadow.

If the eye shades or blush are crumbling, it’s no reason to discard them from use. They will regain their function again if mixed with Vaseline. That perfect product for every occasion. So you will get a creamy eye shadow or a rose.

  • Gloss

Gloss is a great make-up for daytime makeup. Especially if it has the color of peach or pink. You can use natural colors but it is also effective to have a more intense one if the eyes are slightly pointed.

A few words about the daily make-up. The most important rule you need to keep in mind while applying the daytime makeup is that you must not overdo it. Make-up should be easy, highlight the features, and still affect naturally. Just so you get a gentle and feminine look perfect for daylight. And no matter if you are a professional in the make-up industry, hobbyist or just an admirer we need to acknowledge that Beautification is a serious feminine challenge in our era. The desire for a more perfect look forces women to constantly search for new tricks that will save time, money and energy, and give them maximum results. Take this challenge and conquer new beauty heights.  Follow our blog and find out more related articles.

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