Hush Hush – A Few Tips and Tricks

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Women today are flooded with beauty tips and it’s easy to ignore those tips living the way we do. And those are the tips that would be really beneficial to know so, women can catch up with the world trends. During everyday beautification, we all make certain mistakes that we think do not harm us, when in fact they make it difficult for us to achieve the most appealing looks.

We #ElleZiba have listed some common mistakes, as well as tips to fix them.

  • Put regenerator on all the hair, from the roots to the tops.

When do we make the mistake? The regenerator is not a hair shampoo and should not be used on the same way. If you regularly put a regenerator on your entire hair, the scalp will build up “residues” that will cause your hair to look flat. Another problem is that your hair will soon be greasy and it will be necessary to wash more often, especially if you have soft hair. Women with curly hair that use the regenerator of the entire length of their hair may notice that the locks lose their form near the roots.

ElleZiba Tip: Apply a regenerator only to the part of the hair below the height of the ears. This way you will save the volume that you yearn for, and in addition you will save money.

  • We share makeup with our friends.

Why is it a mistake? The answer is simple – with the exchange of make-ups, you also exchange bacteria and viruses. You should be particularly protective against your mascara, eye pencils and lipstick. If you lend to your friend, you can end up with an infection or an inflammation of the eye, or with herpes on the lips. You can get infected with mascara or eye pencil with conjunctivitis or a “pink eye”, which is manifested by the flushing of the eye’s eye. Although your friend has no “pink eye” symptom, she may nevertheless cause you unconsciousness too unconsciously. Sharing a lipstick with a friend who has a herpes simplex virus can cause you to get the virus. And in this case, it is not necessary for her lips to have visible bubbles for you to suffer.

ElleZiba Tip: You can share your secrets with your friends, but as every dermatologist will tell you, you should never share make-ups. If you have not been able to get out and have borrowed some of your friend’s product from your friend, it is recommended that you clean it at the first opportunity. If it is an eye pencil, sharpen it with a sharpener. If it’s about eye shadow or lipstick, take a napkin and go to the surface with it.

  • Spray a perfume just before we get out.

Why is it a mistake? As much as you look after, if you spray perfume after you’ve completely fitted, some of it will end up on the clothes. Not only can perfume leave stains on the laundry, it will also change its aroma and may become unpleasant. All perfumes are formulated in order to be applied to the skin, and not to any fabrics.

ElleZiba Tip: Before wearing, apply a little perfume on the pulse points – the joints of the hands, behind the lips, the lower part of the neck. The rule is not to rub your wrists apart from each other after placing a perfume.

Beautification should not be a hard process where you get tired after taking care of yourself. It should represent a quiet and genuine me-time where you can take pleasure in it. We hope that we have helped with this small tips that mean a lot to the whole women community!

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