Have we talked about Lipsticks?

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Shining or flashing in powdery pink? Translucent with flashy or classic red and matte? Choosing the best product for irresistible lips is a great challenge. Have you wondered how to create that perfect look, or are you simply curious which product would be perfect for the shape of your lips. We have decided to seek advice from our Elle Ziba experts for styling and reshaping your lips. Here are the recommendations from our Elle Ziba experts!

Young and Wild

If you are young, you can try light pigmentation: light pink, beige, colorless, soft pink, rose vintage. You can apply and shine as desired. As  you are getting older you can use as much hydrating textures and matte lipsticks. Also if you want more pigments to your style, your lipstick should be in matte shades. In case you choose “rouge noir”, choose a matte finish because that color looks better in a matt than in a shiny tint.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

The gloss for the lips always gives the glow on your lips. That is the role of the glitter. Liquid lipstick gives a pigment on the lips, but does not always shine. It can create a nice feeling of hydration and perfect seductive loo.

Should we use multipurpose products?

Multipurpose product is a mixture of lipstick, shine and lips – all in one product. They are perfect if you are in a rush and you do not have the right amount of time to dedicate to your lips style. It is a quick and efficient product to use from time to time because it is ideal for busy schedules.

Pencil time?

You can use a lip pencil when you want to emphasize the shape of your lips. It is also remarkable if a defect needs to be masked, or if the line of our lips is faded or there is insufficient pigmentation. A real magic maker, right? You can also use it if you want a long lasting visual effect. Sometimes it is good to use thin lip pencil and soften it with your fingers without using other products. You should give it a try.

Is matte lipstick good idea for me?

The amount of pigment needed to give the mate lipstick its rich color, as well as the ratio of oil to wax, cause these unique lipsticks to appear flat because there is no gloss or shine to them. Since there is usually very little moisturizing properties in matte lipsticks, they work better if your lips are properly hydrated prior to application. So, if you are ready to use matte lipstick make sure you are well hydrated.

Non-Transferable lipstick or Long-Wearing lipstick

This long-wearing lipstick is to go for if you do not want to touch up at all.  When you wear this type of lipstick it will not leave marks on clothing or cups. They will last all day and usually have to be removed with a make-up remover. Just as in the matte lipstick section, hydration and moisturizer is important. But when it comes to non-transferable lipsticks, there are now long-wearing lipsticks out there that contain moisturizers, so make sure that you look for one with moisturizers if this is your choice of lipstick. Always choose the best beauty enhancer that suits your style, identity and represents you!

Choosing your lipstick goes beyond choosing a shade to suit your mood. Whether it is day or night, your lips should look nice. To have sensual lips, to emphasize or express the current mood, read more on our blog.

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