Grandmas would not be the only ones rocking grey hair now! 

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Let’s say together “Hello” to the latest trends!

In 2017, we saw all kinds of trendy hairstyles, cuts, colors and complete hair transformations. But as always we have not seen it all. Food-inspired hair trends may be the next “IT” thing. You are more into pastel shades and soft lightning of hair color, that you are On! This year’s hottest hair trend: Marshmallow Hair! Grandmas would not be the only ones rocking grey hair now!

The beautiful small and soft cookies have found their place in the world of beauty. For love of the excitement of the brave girls, who are not afraid to be impressive, to experiment, but also to conduct exceptional care for the hair. Let’s get that rebel look out of you!

The current trend of hair dyeing, which in the short has flooded social networks and it is symbolically called “Marshmallow”. The idea brings perfect refreshment in the look of women for the new season. It is inspired by the name of soft cookies, which are usually snowy white, while the hair coloring tones of this palette are a combination of white, blue and gray shades. Together they create a dynamic and bold color that really resembles a sweet dessert that melts in the mouth. Fabulous, is it? Although it is a cold nuance, it is announced as a hit of spring, but it is still pervasive. This glamorous platinum blonde has been all over our feeds with many celebrities sporting the shade. From the Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, to popular fashion bloggers and fashion magazines, a number of famous ladies have the courage to wear it, collecting the tone of likes on Instagram. This look is basically platinum blonde and just the thing to brighten up your future mornings and rebel nights. You may associate darker shades with winter, but this trend could be an easy way to liven up and get ready for the spring season.

The ideal choice is for the blonde, beauty experts explain that it will be great for brunettes, as well as the black hair colored women. However, this color requires bleaching and toning of the hair, and thus it may damage the hair. In order to achieve the desired nuance, however, it takes time and patience. At the same time, it is not easy to maintain, so think carefully before encouraging yourself to the change. One of the top priorities should be keeping your hair healthy. While getting this marvelous marshmallow look you should use the best out of the best products for strengthening your hair. Certainly – do not try to paint yourself at home, but be sure to visit a professional hair stylist. If you find it difficult to explain exactly what the marshmallow color really means and looks like, do not worry, show them our article. Don’t forget to make sure you let your hair stylist know how white you want your hair so you can begin the process to full marshmallow status. And if you have any doubts, after you see these stunning looks, you won’t have any doubts. Be a snow princess each season!

Tip: If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle that will go with this marshmallow look, grab a chocolate colored pin and make yourself unforgettable.

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