Eyebrows, the real crown of the eyes

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Eyebrows strengthen the intensity of emotions transmitted through facial expressions, and they have the power to completely transform your face. Not to mention they are a real crown of the eyes.

The purpose of shaping the eyebrows is to achieve a balance between the facial features and its shape, also to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. The bad news is that ideally formed eyebrows are a problematic mission. But not impossible.

Only a few short strokes with the tweezers are enough to destroy the form you have worked for such along time. So, the question is where do you most often make mistakes in shaping your eyebrows?

-You give try too much to achieve similarity!

Do not forget “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Both eyebrows almost never have the same shape because both sides of our face are not identical. Most often attempts to create identical eyebrows end with their excessive exaggeration, but never by achieving symmetry.

Elle Ziba Tip: Concentrate on following the rules for shaping the eyebrows and creating an eyebrow with a similar shape and the same color, rather than symmetrical eyebrows, as this is almost impossible. Use a pencil or eye shadow to maximally match the two eyebrows.

-Allow the dominant hand to take control

Do you often end your eyebrowing process with the conclusion that your right eyebrow is thinner than your left? If you form your eyebrows yourself, you should take into account the fact that it is possible to remove more hairs on the side of your dominant arm, i.e. right-handers can have slightly thinner right eyebrows, and left-handers in reverse.

Elle Ziba Tip: Compare your eyebrows to every 2-3 tangled fibers to know when it’s time to stop before exaggerating exfoliation.

-Be carefull with the mirror part

The use of mirrors that accentuate each pore and standing “glued” to the mirror and that allow you to notice even the smallest hairs. But that does not give you a clear idea of ​​the full look of the eyebrows. The result is most commonly a bad attempt to change the eyebrows or a loss of the desired form.

Elle Ziba Tip: Use the mirror but on a daylight. For every 2-3 tangled fibers, move away from the mirror so you can compare your eyebrows. Remember that people will not see you with a magnifying glass, but with a naked eye.

-Purchase foam from the property of those who grow it

Digging the hair against their natural growth can lead to damage to the follicles and cause the hairs to start to grow chaotically in the “wrong” direction. It also increases the likelihood of skin irritation, subcutaneous fibers and a possibility of appearance of small pimples.

Elle Ziba Tip: Approach the tweezers as close as possible to the skin and gently push your movements in the direction of hair growth.

-Menstroation has a word too

Have you noticed how sensitive your skin is during menstruation? During this period of the month, the pain of depilation and plucking is much greater, and the skin is more easily irritated. It is therefore recommended that such beauty treatments be avoided.

Elle Ziba Tip: The best time to take care of your eyebrows is two weeks before or a week after menstruation. It’s good to follow the tips for plucking your eyebrows after showering. Heat and moisture contribute to easier and painless removal of the hair.

Taking good care of your eyebrows means taking care of your face and its future. There is no wasted time when it comes to eyebrows time. You take your time, favorite drink and you are ready to go!

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