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If you come across a head of liquid matte lipsticks, good news are coming! This season they are no longer in fashion. They will be replaced with good old lipsticks in standard packs with a gentle moisturizing formula in many colors available. Also get a larger amount of black eyeliner for your eyes, and anyone who wants glitter and metallic shades can shed – they are at the center of attention this year.

Elle Ziba would like to present you with the trends for make-up that will dominate the next months of 2018:

A dramatic black eyeliner on the eyes

Do not be afraid to draw a dramatic bold shower line under and over the eyelid. Play with the lines and the thickness of them. Black eyeliner does not plan to retire soon. Plus it will give you a magical and charming look especially for your night-outs.

Moisturizing lipsticks in standard packs

After years of domination of liquid matte lipsticks, the standard moisturizing lipsticks return to fashion. Someone will think we’ve forgotten how to apply a normal lipstick after the lipsticks for liquid lipsticks, right? But this will be the return of the dolce vita for your lips. 

Divine golden shades

Nothing invaded or too pronounced. All those gentle golden nuances that subtly spill over will find their place on your face, from shadows and pigments, to shiny and highlighter. Just be golden!

Glossy healer

This year the most dramatic moment is happening on the apple trees. A glossy whirlpool that is reflected and highlights all the beautiful facial features – from the cheeks to the part above the lips, along the line of the nose and the eyelids just below the arc of the eyebrows is a mandatory product everywhere.

Naturally thick eyelashes

Rest your eyes from layers and layers artificial eyelashes. This season is fashionable natural eyelashes that you can thicken with a mixture of several oils, such as castor, olive, argan oil and vitamin E.

Find a perfectly good mascara and achieve a natural, volumetric appearance of the eyelashes, without adhesive and artificial eyelashes.

Bright’n’shiny eyes

They are allowed in each variant – like the shadow of the entire eyelid, in the form of a shower line above the eye or below it, on the lower lid. You can also put flashing on the very outer corner of your eye or perhaps in the inner part instead of the shade for lighting and opening your eye. It’s important to have fun and shine.

Natural abated eyebrows

When you have dense and beautiful eyebrows you do not need too much makeup. They are a sufficient ornament on their own. It is even allowed to slow down a little, do not mind being messy as long as they are combed in one direction. The eyebrows that are strongly prominent and precise are definitely out this season.

Pastel shiny eyes and transparent lustrous lips

It is most likely both to shine with a glossy gloss, and the underlying colors under them are soft and pastel. This means you choose shades like gentle baby’s pink, powder-colored or beige and champagne shades. Cover the lips and eyelids with a translucent luster for a perfect finish.

Dramatic strong colors

Bold and dramatic, a blend of explosive colors – orange, red, green, yellow and blue. In a word – the rainbow of your eyes. You can combine several colors or put one on your entire eyelid, it’s important to be brave and not to change your mind when applying.

Enjoy in the beauty of make up during the whole year. Follow our blog for more articles about hair, make-up, nails and everything a woman like you would like to know about beautification. 

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